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Like any photographers, we like to get to know our clients. We want to know the who, what, where, why, when and how of what we'll be taking pictures of. Some basic questions are things like, what are the clients tastes, how will the photos be used. Will they be displayed on the wall of the den or in a reception area or made part of a music video? Will they tell a story or be part of a manufacturing work instruction. Do they want to capture the drama of an expedition or concentrate on the scenery. These are just a few basic questions that need to be answered.

Where we will be working is another story since shooting in a factory offers challenges that are quite different from shooting on top of Mount Eisenhower. We shoot entirely on location, not in a studio. We are set up to travel with a groups (or an individual) on camping, hiking, motorcycle trips etc. The longer the trip, the better we get to know our subjects and the more at ease everyone is with the presence of a photographer. Most people are quite uneasy when they think they're being photographed, so it's part of our job to make everyone feel at ease. Ideally, we eventually blend unnoticed into the background or as just another member of the group.


Motorcycle Tours

The best place to start is to contact us by phone or email. We'll need to know exactly what you're looking for. Do you want a full guided tour, stopping at luxury resorts and quaint B&B's or just some recommendations of routes and things to see around New York and New England. We'll also need to know the experience levels of the riders and passengers in the group. We don't have "pre-packaged" tours; each one is custom designed for the client. 


Booking and Scheduling

The best way to go about booking us for a photo shoot or MC tour is to call or email us; if for whatever reason you don't get a timely email response then call since occasionally emails do disappear into cyberspace.

 Local, one day or partial day shoots and rides can usually be scheduled with relatively short notice, sometimes a little as a day or two, but the further out you go, the better the chance you can get a time that works best for you.

Multi-day shoots and rides or those that require travel require a longer lead time. The longer the trip and more complicated the logistics, the longer the lead. Again just contact us so we can figure out the details.


Legal Stuff

For Photo Shoots -In most cases all participants (aka subjects) will be required to read and sign a Photo Release Form. For photo shoots of more than one day and/or requiring travel of more that 50 miles from our office a 50% percent deposit is required.  In the event that Live Free Adventures cancels the shoot this deposit is 100% refundable. In the event the client cancels more than 30 days prior to the shoot, the client is will receive a complete refund of the deposit, less any fees, taxes,  penalties and other expenses incurred as a result of the cancellation. If the client reschedules the shoot , the client will be responsible for all related fees, taxes, penalties and expenses resulting from the change. Cancellations of 30 days or less will be handled on a case by case basis. Payment in full is expected upon completion of the shoot.

For Motorcycle Tours - In most cases all participants will be asked to read and sign a Photo Release Form. For trip planning, payment in full is required prior to release of the itinerary and route. In cases where Live Free Adventures books accommodations or makes other reservations, payment in full is required at the time reservations are booked or 30 days prior to the scheduled departure date, whichever is less. In addition, when a guide and/or a support vehicle is used, payment in full is required at least 30 days prior to the scheduled departure date.

In the event the client(s) cancels or reschedules a  tour they are still responsible for payment in full for any released itineraries and/or routes. If the client(s) cancels,  changes or reschedules a tour 30 days or more prior to the scheduled departure date they are entitled to complete refund, less any taxes, fees, penalties and expenses resulting from the cancellation or change. Live Free Adventures reserves the right to charge for services rendered up to the time of cancellation.

Cancellations less than 30 prior to the scheduled departure date will be handled on a case by case basis.

In the event that Live Free Adventures cancels it's participation in the tour, a full refund of all fees related to services provided by Live Free Adventures will be granted. The client(s) will be responsible for the cost of any goods and services (i.e. accommodations) should they continue the tour.


Rates and Methods of Payment

Rates will vary depending on the details of a particular shoot or trip. For pricing and rates, contact us with the details of your project. Check or money order are the preferred methods. We are not set up to accept credit cards.


At the End of a Photo Shoot

Normally when a photo shoot is complete the client is given a disk that contains branded photos as proofs (photos of proprietary processes will not be branded). Depending on the number of photos the proofs may be emailed. In the case of film the client will be given a set of printed proofs. The amount of time required to get the proofs or disk to the client depends on several factors; on occasion we can burn a disk on the spot. In any case, we do our best to process the photos as quickly as possible.

After the client reviews the proofs there are any number of possibilities. Selected photos can be enlarged for display (enlarged prints will not have a brand), turned into a slide show with a text narrative or set to music, just to name a few options. There may be additional charges for post shoot processing and production.




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