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From the summit of Mount Isolation 11/26/06

        Located in the small town of Washington, NH; Live Free Adventures is, in simple terms, a photography and travel business, but deep down it's much more than that. We can photograph most anything, having said that, someone will come up with stuff we can't shoot, but we specialize in capturing the outdoors and the stories that often accompany outside activities.

What is Live Free Adventures?

 During my "corporate life" I was always waiting for my next chance to get outside and I kept pictures from my own trips in my office and on my computer as a reminder of what I love to do.  For most people getting out and enjoying what they love to do on any measurable scale is a noteworthy experience and gives a sense of freedom. It is our mission to capture and preserve these experiences for our clients and to bring the adventures of the outdoors to those who don't have the opportunity to experience it themselves. Getting out and enjoying the freedom and experience of the mountains, lakes or the open road was, and is, to me what life's all about. Live Free Adventures is more than the name of a business, it's a philosophy and a way of life.

A Little Bit About Myself

I am Mitch Young, founder of Live Free Adventures (that's me on top of Mount Isolation in the photo above). I was fortunate to have had a very diverse childhood. I was raised in an "agricultural" household and worked on farms for most of my youth. My dad taught me to hunt and fish. Camping and canoe trips through the Adirondacks were common. We had a cottage on Canandaigua lake, that's where I learned to sail, thanks again to my father and maternal grandfather. As a teenager I was even able to crew on a sailboat called "Avalanche", racing on Lake Ontario. In high school I took photography classes and discovered I had a talent for it. During my teenage years I was bitten by the motorcycle bug and have been riding ever since. At about the same time I got hooked on motorcycles, I also discovered aviation. In time I earned a BS in aviation management and my commercial pilots certificate. Years later I earned my Masters degree in manufacturing management, but being stuck in an office was not for me.

The Rest of the Staff

LFA is a family run operation, they haven't allowed me to post pictures of them,  yet,  here's a brief introduction at least.

Nicole Young - (my daughter) works in the office as part time as editor and occasionally accompanies me on shoots. She loves to travel and see new places and loves the creative aspect of photography. She frequently critiques and edits my work. She is also the one who makes sure I behave.

Patrick Young - (yes, my son) when he's not working at his "day job" he scours the country side shooting whatever he can find that he thinks looks interesting, unusual or "cool." He often experiments, playing with different tricks and techniques. I hope to post some of his work soon.

Barb Carlson - not a blood relative, but very much a member of the family. A truly gifted artist, she has a fantastic talent for seeing beyond the ordinary. As creative consultant, she is constantly coming up with ideas for photos and ways to share our experiences with others. Soon I hope to post photos of some of her art work on this site.

How It All Started

In the days when I was trapped in an office I needed some reminder of what life was like on the outside. I started taking pictures to document my trips. If there was a story of particular interest I would put in into a slide show with a text narrative to share with friends. In some cases I put slide shows to music and got rave reviews. Some of my coworkers saw the pictures that I had in the office and asked permission to use some for Christmas cards. I had been thinking about my next career choice when on the way back from a ski trip when I got a call from a dear friend who suggested  Live Free Adventures. I spent quite a bit of time rolling it around in my head, when it all clicked. My love for the outdoors, my experience in industry and my talent for photography all fell into place in Live Free Adventures, LLC.




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