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          At Live Free Adventures we can fulfill quite an array of photographic needs, weather its portraits of the kids and family pets, documenting industrial processes or aerial photography of your home, farm or business; but our specialty is outdoor and adventure photography.


Spending a great deal of time and money planning on trips is common and often these adventures are special, infrequent occasions; or even a once in a life time experience. Itís only natural that we want memories to last a life time.  Usually the members of the group are busy with the tasks at hand and are just enjoying the experience and donít want to be interrupted by trying to document the event beyond a few snapshots. Thatís where we come in. We worry about getting the shots, documenting the event and preserving the moments so you can concentrate on having a good time, and this way, no one gets left out.

Adventure is in the eye of the beholder. For some it may be day hike up in to the mountains or a trip down the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, for others it's a cross country motorcycle trip or a day sailing or waterskiing. Whatever your adventure, bring us along. We can document the trip as it unfolds, create a slideshow and put it to music, create a photo journal with narrative text or just give you some great prints to hang in the den. The creative possibilities are almost endless. For more details check out How We Work then contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions.


Here's just some of the stuff we photograph

Hiking * Camping * Canoeing * Kayaking * Downhill Skiing * X-C Skiing * Mountain Biking * ATV  * Motorcycling * Hunting * Fishing * Sailing * Boating * Rafting * Industrial and Manufacturing Processes * Corporate Outings and Training * EMS Training Sessions






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