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      It has been said that if you want to see the country, take a bus. Well, I say that if you really want to see the country, take a motorcycle. Just think about it; when youíre sitting in the cabin of a bus or your family car, youíre sitting in climate controlled comfort, watching the world go by . You have your music on the radio, the kids are watching videos in the back seat and youíre all just looking at the scenery, insulated from the outside world.


On a motorcycle you are connected to the world that youíre riding through; youíre actually a part of it. The road is rushing past, just a few inches under your feet; the wind is in your face. Every hill or dip in the road brings a change in air temperature. You smell the fresh cut grass and wild flowers and even the occasional dairy farm. You are free to pull over just about anywhere and rest under a tree or look around. A motorcycle brings an unparalleled sense of freedom.

That's why In 2009 we will be offering motorcycle tours and trip planning services. There will be four main options to choose from, but can be mixed and matched to give you the exact package you need.

The Works - These are guided tours custom designed for your group. They include meals and lodging, snacks and refreshments, a lead rider as a guide and a support vehicle with driver to carry your luggage and trailer a motorcycle if necessary. 

Guide Option - If you prefer to "work without a net" and reduce costs, we can supply a guide to ride lead; without the support vehicle and driver. This means that if it doesn't fit on your bike, you don't need it. We can still custom design a tour or help you plan one of your own.

Support Vehicle Option - If you and your group know where you want to go and don't need a guide, but want the security of a support vehicle, then this option is for you. We supply a vehicle with trailer and driver. Again, this option is available whether we plan your trip, or you do.

Trip Planning - Want to ride but don't have the time to research and plan the trip? This is for you. We'll ask a few simple questions to get to know you and you're group and plan a route for you. We can book accommodations for you, or if you like more flexibility, we can simply layout the options  and attractions along your planned route and you decide as you go.

Pricing - Since each trip is custom designed, the price will vary depending on several factors, so the best thing to do is contact us for details.

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